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Aguas Bravas Rafting Camp
Acequias River, Barinas state - Venezuela

Aguas Bravas Rafting Camp is located in the foothills of Barinas, at the foot of the Andean Sierra Nevada, just 12 km. from the edge of Mérida state.

The main house overlooks a beach about 150 mt Acequias River which is a large body of greenish crystal water, coming from the thaw of the Sierra Nevada.

It is an ideal place to relax, forget about the urban and actually set foot on earth...

Average temperature:
Night 68 ºF - 20 ºC
Day 80 ºF - 27 ºC (shadow)

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Activities that can be done in the area as well as rafting and kayaking:

  • Walk to see pre-Columbian petroglyphs in the area
  • Baths activities in the wide beaches of the camp
  • There are excellent mountain biking routes
  • Bird watching

Animals that can be seen in the area:

  • Small alligators
  • Many types of birds such as hawks, kingfishers, toucans, hummingbirds, coat, wild duck and herons, and cormorants, among others
  • Otters
  • And of course, all kinds of cattle

Directions to camp:


Latitude 08º 24' 55.0" N
Longitude  70º 42' 06.6" O

To get to Aguas Bravas Rafting Camp you should take the road via San Cristobal, stop at the Acequia, which is a small town about 45 minutes after the city of Barinas, and there take the road to Caño Grande.

The way to Caño Grande is a dirt road which is immediately after the bridge over the Acequias River. There, you should go on for 3.5 km and then you'll see the sign to the right.