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Fabiana and Alejandro Buzzo

Alejandro (left) as captain
of the Venezuelan rafting
team at World Rafting Champs, Ecuador 2006

Press articles
We want to show you some press abstracts referring to our family and our relationship with the white water life style:

"We passed through several intense rapids, where the coordinated maneuvers of the raft member following each command of Buzzo, were essential to get triumphant to the finish line"
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"I put all the confidence in the world on Jorge Buzzo for any expedition he could think arrange"
Valentina Quintero
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"At Venezuela, the first reference to this activity was at the beginning of the 80's, with a group of five Venezuelan guys, headed by Jorge Buzzo"...
from the article Rafting en Venezuela, published at
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"At these special place in the planet, Jorge Buzzo, has designed a Rafting like no other"
from the article ORINOCO, raudales y selva
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